Travellers leave Hilsea after ‘intimidating’ people at splash pool

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The six people wanted from this area. Top row from left, Lewis Salmon, Abbas Ahmed and Daniel Broggan. Bottom row from left, Patryk Wojcik, Troy Powell and Joel Basima. Credit: Crimestoppers

Pictures and names of Portsmouth’s most wanted criminals released by Crimestoppers

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TRAVELLERS have left a field after spending the weekend in Portsmouth.

Several caravans set up near Hilsea Lido and the Portsmouth City Council-run splash pool.

The authority had launched a court challenge to get the group, who had come from Spain, to leave.

Ward councillor Scott Harris, who represents Hilsea ward, said: ‘They’ve left three bags of rubbish here. They bagged them up and them in one place instead of strewn everywhere.

‘I spoke to a couple of people that saw them leave they said they went quietly.

‘A lot of people using the splash pool did feel intimidated.’

The group comprised of about six caravans, and had been seen on the land on Saturday, although it is not clear when they first arrived in the city.