VIDEO: Fratton’s Alyssa rides trike for first time after £2,000 donation

  • Alyssa, 8, rides her trike for the first time after donation
  • She has very rare condition that affects her health in many different ways
  • Family thank those who have supported them
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‘NOW Alyssa can feel like a normal girl.’

That’s the message from the mum of an eight-year-old girl who is thought to be one of the only girls in the world to have a specific genetic condition.

Alyssa-Mae England with her dad Colin, left, and scooter builder Paul Nelson 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (170484-1)

Alyssa-Mae England with her dad Colin, left, and scooter builder Paul Nelson 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (170484-1)

Zoe England, from Fratton, was speaking as she watched her daughter Alyssa-Mae try out a specialised trike for the very first time.

The custom-made trike was designed for Alyssa by Quest 88 after the family’s appeal for funding raised £2,000.

Zoe said: ‘It’s just so fantastic to see her on it and being able to ride along with her sisters and go out to the park.

‘The trike is about allowing her to get the feel of riding a bike and to enjoy herself more.’

Now Alyssa can feel like a normal girl

Zoe England, Alyssa’s mother

As previously reported in The News, Alyssa, suffers from unbalanced translocation – meaning some of her chromosomes have swapped, but unequally – and in her case, she is missing some of the chromosomes.

It has led to various other health problems such as congenital heart disease, epilepsy and multiple infections.

She cannot ride a normal bike but fits comfortably on to the trike which has a handle on the end which allows it to be pulled along by her family.

The pedals are in place to give Alyssa the feel that she is riding it herself.

Former Pompey player Steve Claridge and business partner Matthew Mason previously handed over the cheque for £2,000 to the family in February, and more funds from other donors allowed the family to also purchase a specialised car seat.

Zoe added: ‘She absolutely loves it and was over the moon with it when it arrived.

‘We really cannot thank the people that supported us with the appeal enough.

‘It just shows the amount of generosity that is in this city for people when they need help.’

Colin, Alyssa’s father added: ‘This will make a hell of a difference to her life as she can now go out and be with her sisters which is all she wants.

‘Of course, you never know what can happen in her future but at the moment we are staying as positive as we can about it and looking forward to seeing her enjoy the trike and get as much use of it as she wants.’

He also wanted to reach out to thank all those who helped the family with the funds, saying: ‘I really cannot thank everybody enough.’

The family said that those looking for any updates on Alyssa’s condition should head to