WATCH: Film of car crashing into fire engine used in safety campaign

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FIREFIGHTERS have launched a campaign against drivers’ bad parking.

More drivers are delaying fire crews’ response times by blocking roads and even stopping in box junctions outside stations, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said.

The service has published a film of a car hitting a fire engine at a roundabout as part of its #INeedMySpace campaign.

The problem also includes drivers slamming on brakes when they see an engine with blue lights on in their rear view mirror or tailgating a pump on an emergency call.

A spokesman said it affected stations in Portsmouth.

Assistant chief officer Andy Bowers said: ‘The issue of motorists blocking the paths of emergency services vehicles is worse than ever before.

‘Some drivers are parking opposite one another making an entire road inaccessible while others are actually stopping by station exits, often in the hatched areas, and some are even leaving their cars on our grounds.’

He added: ‘This can be the difference between life and death.’