WATCH: How the D-Day Museum got its German minefield sign

The German minefield sign at the D-Day Museum
The German minefield sign at the D-Day Museum
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The story of an historic sign at the D-Day Museum in Southsea is told in a video.

The German minefield warning sign placed in Normandy in 1944 was brought home as a souvenir by Ted North, who served as a captain in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

The video uploaded to YouTube is one of a series presented by staff at the museum.

A spokesman said: 'The sign was part of the German defences against Allied landings, known as the Atlantic Wall.

It came from about 300 metres inland, in Mike sector – part of Juno Beach. This was the beach where Canadian forces landed on and after D-Day. They were supported by British forces, including Ted North.

The museum is currently undergoing a major transformation. More information is on its website.