WATCH: Man wheels bike across Hilsea roundabout approach road - just avoids being run over by van

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A cyclist came within inches of serious injury as he wheeled his bike across a approach road to major roundabout in Portsmouth.

The man was struck a glancing blow by a van when he stepped through lines of traffic at the approach to the Portsbridge roundabout at Hilsea on Tuesday.

The cyclist is struck a glancing blow by the van

The cyclist is struck a glancing blow by the van

The van screeches to a sudden halt and the cyclist is seen to wave an apology before wheeling his bike away.

Philip Carter from Waterlooville Driving School, who recorded the dashcam footage, sent it to The News saying: 'I still have no idea why the cyclist decided to place his bike down on the final lane.

'The van was approaching the junction probably faster than he should, but thankfully nobody was injured.

'On closer inspection, you can see the cyclist has ear buds, so probably should have used his eyes more!'