WATCH: Moment fraudster Imam caught out in Portsmouth mosque

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THIS is the moment former Imam Aminur Rahman was caught out.

Confronted inside Portsmouth’s Jami Mosque by those he owed cash he tries to hide his debts list in his clothing.

Aminur Rahman

Aminur Rahman

But the paper is spotted and worshippers soon discover the extent of his £26,900 fraud.

Rahman, 30, of Lydgait, Haddington, Scotland, has now been jailed for 29 months for the fraud at the Jami Mosque in Victoria Road North, Southsea.

He was the Imam leading more than 1,200 people in Friday prayers when he committed the crimes in 2012 and 2013.

A two and a half week trial at Portsmouth Crown Court saw each victim tell how they were cheated by Rahman.

He betrayed our trust, not just me, but all of the Muslim community

Victim Nasar Miah

One of the victims, Nasar Miah, 47, loaned Rahman £500.

He told The News: ‘I used to pray behind him and regarded him as quite a knowledgeable guy being a young guy as well.

‘But he betrayed our trust, not just me, but all of the Muslim community.’