WATCH: Silent tributes across Portsmouth area to victims of Manchester terror attack

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People gathered across the Portsmouth Area to stand in silent tribute today to the victims of the Manchester bomb attack

Passers-by gathered on the steps of Portsmouth Guildhall to remember those who were killed in Monday's terrorist outrage.

The silent tribute in Portsmouth Guildhall Square

The silent tribute in Portsmouth Guildhall Square

Across the country people held a minutes silence at 11am today for the 22 people who were killed in Manchester.

Around 30 people stopped in Guildhall Square to pay their respects while the Big Screen marked the start and end of the silence.

Across Britain, the nation fell silent in an emotional tribute to the Manchester Arena suicide bombing victims.

At 11am thousands of people across the country bowed their heads for a minute of sombre contemplation, as investigations into the network behind the attack continued.

Workers at 1000 Lakeside paid their respects

Workers at 1000 Lakeside paid their respects

Crowds gathered at well-known sites in the UK, including London's Parliament and Trafalgar Squares, and Manchester's Albert Square.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Greater Manchester Police headquarters for the minute of silence, with crowds pouring out of nearby buildings to join the officers.

Police officers stationed at suicide bomber Salman Abedi's last known address paused their duties to observe the minute's silence.

Uniformed officers guarding the cordon still in place in Elsmore Road, Fallowfield, removed their caps and helmets at 11am and stood facing away from the property.

Their colleagues in forensic examination suits came out of the semi-detached property to join them in the sweltering sunshine.

Other police forces across the country joined in the act of remembrance - flying flags at half-mast, and gathering outside headquarters in a show of solidarity.