WATCH: Tide sweeps around cars parked at Eastney beach

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They left their cars for a spot of sailing - and returned to a nasty shock.

Andy Cousins took this video of the tide lapping around vehicles parked near the Hayling Ferry pontoon at Eastney at the weekend.

The tide reaches vehicles parked at the beach

The tide reaches vehicles parked at the beach

He said: 'There are some strange tides at the minute, and it caught out the drivers of these cars out whilst they were sailing.

'I videoed the scene and then popped back later to see what was left. Most of the cars had gone but two were left with the drivers taking the wheel trims off to remove the seaweed from the wheels.

'They were sailors who normally park there whilst out on the water. Luckily the sea didn't get much higher and didn't get into the cars.

'I spoke to the drivers and showed them the video. All they could do was laugh in relief as it could have been expensive.'

The incident happened just yards from the Portsmouth lifeboat station.

RNLI crewman Aaron Gent said: 'We didn't need to get involved, but this happens quite often, particulary during spring tides. People just don't realise how high the water will come.'