Will there be a hosepipe ban in Portsmouth?

Will there be a hosepipe ban in Portsmouth?
Will there be a hosepipe ban in Portsmouth?

AS HOUSEHOLDS in the north west of England face a hosepipe ban in the heatwave, Portsmouth Water has told of the situation for residents across the area here.

The company said today there would not be a hosepipe ban, but that it is encouraging customers to use water wisely in the on-going hot and dry conditions.

A spokesman for Portsmouth Water said: ‘We do not anticipate the need for any water restrictions during the summer as we had a wet winter, and this allowed for a natural recharge of our water resources.

‘Water levels are above long-term average but as always we encourage our customers to use water wisely.

‘Every time we turn on the tap we are taking water from the environment, so anything that can help us take less can only be a good thing.’

The water company is running its own ‘Saving Water Challenge’, which involves customers thinking about their behaviour in regard to their own water use, and how they can reduce the amount of water they use in their homes. To find out more click here.

Severn Trent Water, which serves more than 4.2m homes and businesses in the midlands and mid-Wales and has faced issues with pumping enough water to meet demand during the heatwave, said reservoirs were in a 'healthy position’.

There are no plans for a ban for households served by South Staffs Water, which supplies more than a million customers in the midlands.

A spokeswoman said "The water levels in our reservoirs are healthy - we've got no issues."

Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water, Bristol Water and Thames Water all said they were not planning hosepipe bans.

Welsh Water said it was encouraging its three million customers to use water wisely, even though it may soon start to rain.

The company warned that, after prolonged dry weather, it will be difficult for rain to penetrate the ground and help restore reservoir levels.