“You’ve got blood on your hands”: Portsmouth MP confronted by protestor over Syria air strikes

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A video of a Portsmouth MP being confronted by a protestor over air strikes in Syria has been watched thousands of times online.

Facebook user Jane Long posted the clip showing her arguing with Flick Drummond as the Conservative member was campaigning in the city at the weekend.

Jane Long argues with Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond. Picture: Jane Long/Facebook

Jane Long argues with Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond. Picture: Jane Long/Facebook

The video appears to show Jane walking up Mrs Drummond with a hand full of tomato sauce, before shaking her hand and asking her about airstrikes in the Middle East.

The Tory MP voted in favour of UK airstrikes against ISIS forces in Syria in December 2015.

Mrs Drummond was born in Yemen.

In the video Jane is seen asking Mrs Drummond whether she voted in support of air strikes in Syria and Yemen, before the Portsmouth South MP walks over to the nearby water fountain to wash her hand.

The pair then become involved in a heated discussion before other Conservative Party members step in to try to diffuse the situation.

Since the video was posted online on Saturday it has been watched nearly 6,000 times.

The general election takes place on June 8.

In a statement, Mrs Drummond said: ‘As a politician, this sort of thing is water off a duck’s back. But it’s very disappointing that someone attempts such a stunt for a few seconds of social media fame when all they had to do was come up to me and discuss this incredibly important issue, not put tomato sauce on my hands and then shout at me.

‘It appears this person thinks I have blood on my hands because I support airstrikes on so-called Islamic State - one of the most bloodthirsty organisations the world has ever known - who has killed thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children during its reign of terror.

‘I think most people would think trying to limit the military capability of a terror group that has launched attacks across Europe and has claimed responsibility for the Westminster Bridge terror attack, as well as the death toll in Iraq and Syria, might be a good idea.’

Liberal Democrat councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, who is challenging Mrs Drummond for the Portsmouth South seat, said: ‘I may disagree with Flick’s policies but actually as a human she is a lady I like, and you need to have respect for her as a human being.’