Council has not yet fined anyone for feeding pigeons in Waterlooville

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NO FINES have been issued by a council since it introduced a public space protection order on feeding pigeons in a town centre.

Last month Havant Borough Council announced anyone caught feeding pigeons in Waterlooville’s town centre could be fined £80 from April onwards.

The birds were said to be causing problems for shoppers, businesses and residents of flats in the precinct.

Since the order was issued, the council said: ‘Patrols are being carried out in the area at various times and days and have offered the opportunity to engage and inform members of the public about the order and the impact pigeons are having locally.

‘We have been warning and informing several individuals for putting down small parts of their lunch, rather than deliberately distributing large amounts of feed for pigeons.

‘In a majority of cases the public are supportive of our actions.

‘To date no fines have been issued.’