‘Deafening’ alarm sparks fury

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A DEAFENING’ alarm blaring in Waterlooville has sparked outrage among frustrated residents who are now demanding action.

It has sounded several times from a premises believed to be in the Hambledon Road area over the past week.

Exasperated residents living nearby have complained to Havant Borough Council to tackle the noise.

But after the alarm sounded again yesterday afternoon, angry locals have claimed the council is not acting quickly enough to deal with the issue.

Pensioner Roger Dymock lives in Haslar Crescent, Waterlooville, and has reported the issue to the council on three separate occasions.

He said: ‘If you live within 100 yards of it, it must be horrendous.

‘It must be really deafening.

‘I live a mile away and I can still hear it. It started a week last Saturday.

‘If it goes off at night we have to shut out windows which isn’t clever in this weather.’

He added: ‘The 
council hasn’t acted quickly enough to deal with it.’

Havant Borough Council has been contacted and is looking into the situation.

A spokeswoman for the authority told The News that the council was ‘aware’ of the issue and that an environmental health officer had been dispatched to deal with it.