Fuel contaminated with ‘Coca-Cola-like’ substance at Horndean petrol station leaves drivers hundreds of pounds out of pocket

DRIVERS are having to fork out more than £100 to have their cars drained after buying a bad batch of fuel. 

Supermarket giant Morrisons said it is investigating a contamination issue at its Horndean petrol station which has caused ‘a very small number’ of customers to break down. 

A sample of the contaminated fuel. Picture: Absolute Fuel Assist

A sample of the contaminated fuel. Picture: Absolute Fuel Assist

The issue was highlighted in a Facebook post by Ben Layton, a worker at Absolute Autos in Waterlooville and has now been shared by more than 1,500 people. 

Kyle Pardoe is a fuel technician for an arm of the firm, Absolute Fuel Assist, and says he has drained at least eight vehicles affected by the fault. 

‘I was first made aware of the problem on Sunday night when I had a call from a friend who works at the RAC,’ the 24-year-old said. 

‘He had just recovered a vehicle which he said had been filled up at the Morrisons in Horndean. 

‘I didn’t think much of it at the time, but come Monday we took a couple more calls about it and had a vehicle come into the garage with the issue. That’s when we realised something was going on.’ 

A fuel sample taken from an affected vehicle, pictured, shows a see-through bottle two-thirds full with what appears to be regular petrol.

But a dark, unidentified substance sits at the bottom of the liquid – which Mr Pardoe has described as a ‘Coca-Cola-like substance’. 

He added the muck has been the subject of at least five calls into the Absolute Fuel Assist. 

‘Whatever it is, it is not petrol – and it is certainly not supposed to be going the engine of a car,’ he said. 

Another motorist, who wishes to remain anonymous, broke down on the A3 because of the problem and claims to be facing a garage repair bill of ‘more than £1,000’. 

But once the substance is removed from a vehicle and replaced with legitimate fuel, Mr Pardoe said, a vehicle should run as normal. 

He added a number of firms can carry out the job for a price varying from £100 to £240. 

A Morrisons spokesperson said: ‘We're investigating a recent issue which occurred following a delivery of unleaded fuel to one of our tanks.

‘The tank was isolated when this came to our attention.

‘A very small number of customers were affected and we’re supporting them. No other fuel was affected.’