Teen creates booklet to help foster families break the ice

Chloe Geer
Chloe Geer
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A TEENAGER who has been in care since the age of eight has used her experiences to help other young people get closer to their foster carers.

Seventeen-year-old Chloe Geer has created a booklet called The Journey with young person’s charity Fixers.

It includes activities, tips and advice about breaking down barriers.

Chloe, from Waterlooville, has built up a close relationship with her foster carers and wants the same for others.

She said: ‘Foster care hasn’t been the easiest, but it got me away from a difficult domestic situation.

‘I had to learn to be an adult from a very young age. I looked after my sister and fulfilled overwhelming duties, but life changed when I went into care.

‘My aim was to create something that helps to break the ice because it can be hard.’

Chloe, who is studying at South Downs College, began living with her current carers, Jan and Kevin Turner, when she was 15. The teen made the booklet with the help of Joe Weltch, 21, and wants the resource to be used in schools.

Chloe added: ‘At first I didn’t know what Jan and Kevin were like or how I would find living with them, so I was nervous.

‘They spent a lot of time with me, which helped me get to know them better, and talked to me about how I was feeling.

‘They are amazing and our relationship now is fantastic – we couldn’t be any closer.’

Joshua Ward, creative producer at Fixers, said: ‘A booklet that gives anecdotal tips to carers and those in care is an invaluable resource that has the potential to help so many people through a difficult and sometimes scary time.

‘Those involved have shared their experiences, developed games and offered first-hand advice so that other people in the care system may benefit.’

The booklet can be viewed at https://issuu.com/fixersdesign/docs/the_journey.