This church’s clock stopped working - so they called the fire brigade

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FIREFIGHTERS volunteered their time and services to remove bunting caught some 50ft in the air.

The St George’s Day decorations got caught on the clock tower at St George’s Church, Waterlooville, in April.

A post on one of the church’s social media pages called on members of the public for ideas about how to remove the bunting.

It had tangled around the two clock faces near the top of the tower, causing it to stop working.

Firefighters at Waterlooville Fire Station saw the post and offered their services immediately.

Canon Mike Sheffield, parish priest at St George’s Church, said: ‘We are so grateful to the firefighters at the Waterlooville station.

‘The bunting was really heavily wrapped around one of the clock faces, but was attached to the other one too, and that had caused the clock to stop.

‘It was so high up we had no idea how we were going to remove it.’