Watch: Tornado twists over Denmead

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A FAMILY have spoken of their surprise after capturing a mini-tornado on camera.

The twister was spotted in the sky this morning.

Grandmother Marion Baldwin was driving her grandsons, Matthew and Justin, from Horndean to Denmead, when the brothers spotted the formation in the sky.

Marion had to stop the car in Sheepwash Lane, between Denmead and Southwick, as the trio looked up to the sky in disbelief.

Marion said: ‘It’s was good that it was a country road because I was able to slow and down and stop.

‘The boys were saying “it’s a twister”.

‘I was surprised by what I saw.

‘If you have seen waterspouts in the sea, it was like a waterspout in the sky.

‘It was fairly long and thin.

‘There were clouds coming across behind it.

‘As it started to fade it looked like another was one was starting to form.’

The mini-tornado was spotted at 9.53am today and Marion said it looked to be over the Purbrook area if you were looking south from Denmead.

The family were on their way to Lyeheath Farm, in Belney Lane, which is run by the brothers’ aunt, Helen Baldwin.

Matthew Baldwin, 14, said: ‘In Greece we have seen waterspouts and it looked exactly like that.

‘It was dark and looked like a tornado.

‘We pulled over and took pictures.’

Justin Baldwin, 12, said: ‘I said to my brother “Look at this, there’s a twister”.

‘About 10 seconds after, you could not see it anymore because it disappeared.

‘After that there was a white one a little bit in front of it that started to form.’