A27 plans will cause “mayhem” during construction, residents say

Keith and Joyce Slater are among those from Selsey calling for the northern bypass to be reinstated as an option
Keith and Joyce Slater are among those from Selsey calling for the northern bypass to be reinstated as an option
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Frustrations were vented at Highways England’s plans for the A27 at a packed exhibition in Selsey this week.

Many people expressed anger that the five options to upgrade the junctions would do nothing to improve traffic and their access onto the bypass and into Chichester.

Plans for left turns only or no access onto the A27 at either the Whyke or Stockbridge Roundabout came under particular fire, as many called for a northern bypass to be reinstated.

Angela and David Benwell said: “There’s only one option, it has to be a northern route.

“It would cause far less disruption, for all of us in Selsey it’s going to be mayhem during construction, the delays will be phenomenal.

“If they only do the southern route, in a few years we’ll still be talking about needing a northern route.”

Keith and Joyce Slater agreed: “We are going for the northern option. They are trying to push other options to the south on us when none of them makes sense.

“It will only create more problems for everyone living south. Coming out of the Selsey Road and having to turn left onto the Fishbourne Roundabout will be awful.”

However Richard Miller said: “The one that appeals to me at the moment is Option 2. It’s the most cost effective, even though it’s the most expensive, because it will have the best effect on traffic flow.”

Members of Selsey Town Council were there on Monday and are due to discuss the A27 at a meeting on September 28.

Chairman Mike Beal was delighted with the turnout and said: “I haven’t spoken to everybody here but of all those I have spoken to, nobody has said these options will do anything for Selsey.

“There’s 12,000 plus residents in Selsey and everybody has to use the A27.

“Although this might solve some of the problems for through traffic, for local traffic trying get out of the Peninsula it’s going to be a nightmare. Not being able to turn right is nonsense.”