Bus driver reported for ‘making indecent gesture’

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A STAGECOACH bus driver reportedly made repeated indecent hand gestures to a member of the public yesterday morning as they were crossing the road.

The pedestrian, who works in Chichester but did not want to be named, said she was crossing at the traffic lights in the city’s Avenue de Chartres at 10am when a bus came round the corner and narrowly missed her.

On turning to confront the driver, she said he made a ‘V’ sign at her from the cab, a gesture repeated as the bus continued down the road.

She said: ‘The lights change fast, I had to run to reach the middle and he almost hit me. I turned and said ‘Oi!’ and he stuck two fingers up at me.

‘I just stood there in shock. I watched him go up the road past Waitrose and he made another V sign out the window at me.’

‘It’s just so unprofessional, he can’t even say I was swearing. It’s outrageous.’

Commercial director for Stagecoach South Mark Turner said he was ‘disappointed’ to hear about the incident and he had passed the matter on to the local operations manager.