Ethical fashion show near Emsworth

Snap up some ethical fashion outfits at Tuppenny Barn's fashion night
Snap up some ethical fashion outfits at Tuppenny Barn's fashion night
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For followers of fashion who also care about the planet, Tuppenny Barn’s Ethical Fashion Show on Friday, November 9 couldn’t be more timely.

Stacey Dooley’s recent investigation into fashion’s dirty secrets has highlighted the environmental damage caused by the clothing industry.

Up to 15,000 litres of water used to grow the cotton for one pair of jeans… 300,000 tons of clothing dumped in UK landfill every year…

Now we know the impact, let’s start making changes to the way we shop for clothes.

For one evening only, Tuppenny Barn at Southbourne will be transformed into a fun boutique with a fashion catwalk show featuring ethical and sustainable clothing.

Fashion brands will showcase contemporary, wearable clothes using ethically-sourced materials such as Tencel, recycled polyester and merino wool, and organic cotton and linen.

Some fabrics even started life as plastic bottles or seaweed! 

The Tuppenny catwalk will be used to present brands such as Vildnis and Earthmonk, as well as giving ideas for stunning vintage outfits. And there will be a special discount on certain lines for people attending the show. Other stalls featured on the night will be Swap Shop (Transition Chichester), Clothkits, and Janice’s Pre-Loved.

The compere for the evening will be Naomi Thompson of Southsea, whose love of alternative, thrift and secondhand clothing has led to her prominence as a blogger and writer of three Style Me Vintage books about sourcing and creating vintage looks.

Guests can browse and shop the clothing rails, be inspired by ideas to upcycle or re-invent and sit back and enjoy the catwalk action. There will also be a raffle with prizes on the night.

Further details and tickets at £10 each - which includes a glass of wine, can be obtained from the Tuppenny Barn website