Just one wet nappy can spoil recycling

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A PUSH has been started by a local authority to increase recycling rates.

Chichester District Council has been running a campaign to help make recycling easier.

Across West Sussex it is estimated that £8m of recycleable materials are being thrown away.

As part of the campaign, supermarket staff across the Chichester area advised customers on what is and is not recycleable.

Councillor Roger Barrow said: ‘What many people don’t realise is that if they place food, nappies, or wet items in their recycling bin and our crews don’t notice this, it can literally spoil the whole truck load.

‘We don’t have people sorting every item.

‘When the recycling reaches the materials recycling facility, there is layer upon layer of conveyor belts, drums, separators and even optical devices, sorting out the items.

‘So, it is important that we all do our bit to make sure we’re all following the same recycling advice.’

To find out more go to chichester.gov.uk/recyclingweek.