NOSTALGIA: It seems like only yesterday '“ when petrol was just 9p a litre Â

In 1984, a former sub-editor at The News, Anthony Triggs, went about taking then and now photographs to produce his book Portsmouth  '“  Past and Present.Â

Friday, 15th June 2018, 4:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:51 pm
THEN: Looking north through Hilsea, 1984. You may not think this scene has changed much, but look at the 2018 photograph and see the difference. Picture: Anthony Triggs

Tony has let me retake the pictures he took 34 years ago and the changes are amazing. I'm used to re-taking photographs from 100 years ago so it's good to re-take some from the recent past. In the coming days I will include them here.

I begin with London Road, Hilsea, when four-star petrol was just 40.5p'¦ a gallon. There are big changes between the two images. To the right is the former bus garage which later became a dairy. Beyond  that is the Texaco garage. There is also lighting in the middle of the road.

In 2018 the bus station has gone and replaced by a block of flats. The Texaco garage is now a car showroom and those lights have been moved to the pavement. The Shell garage is still operational, the biggest difference being the cost of fuel. Then a gallon cost 40.5p. Today it's £1.25 a litre.

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NOW: Looking north through Hilsea 2018. Remarkable changes in 34 years, the bus station and Texaco garage have been replaced and fuel was 1.25 a litre when this picture was taken.