NOSTALGIA: Who remembers Club Tiberius at Southsea?

Remember carnivals? Those summer Saturdays when town and city streets would be thronged with thousands of spectators waiting for the parade to pass?

Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 8:30 pm
Updated Saturday, 1st September 2018, 10:09 am
Girls from the seafront casino Club Tiberius pull a chariot from Palmerston Road into Osborne Road, Southsea, 1974. Picture: Kevin Munks

They were hugely popular fixed points in the summer calendar and in some places that procession of lorries dressed to the nines carrying tableaux arranged by various community groups would take at least an hour to pass.

The vehicles would be interspersed with bands and other groups who walked the route and there were always plenty of volunteers rattling buckets in the front of spectators. Thousands of pounds was raised for charity each year. Sadly, like so many traditions and simple pleasures, those days have gone.

But many of us still possess photographic records of those events and one of them is Kevin Munks. He has sent me many pictures of Portsmouth carnival from the years 1974 to 1976 and I will publish them during the next few weeks.

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The 1974 Portsmouth Carnival Queen. Can anyone tell me who she is? Picture: Kevin Munks

All show scenes from the days when the Portsmouth carnival was a highlight of the summer season and drew big crowds to city streets.

It was also an opportunity for Portsmouth firms to get plenty of free advertising on the sides of their show floats '“ those lorries spruced up and decorated for the occasion.

In this scene from the carnival parade of 1974 we see girls from the Roman-themed casino along South Parade, Southsea, called Club Tiberius. They are hauling a chariot (what else?) from Palmerston Road into Osborne Road. In the background is gents' outfitters and clothing hire firm Moss Bros.

The second picture shows the same year's carnival queen flanked by her attendants. Unfortunately her hand is obscuring her face but I am sure someone will recognise her. If you do, please let me know. She looks about 18. If so, she'll be in her early sixties today.

Portsdown School's First XI from the 1966-67 season. Can anyone supply the names? Picture: Mick Cooper

'¢ Portsmouth's collector of everything, Mick Cooper, has sent me some photographs of the now demolished Portsdown School in the 1960s. Again, I will be placing them in coming weeks and I am sure many will recognise themselves.Do let me know.

Here we see the school first football eleven with, perhaps, a couple of reserves in the background. On the right is the headmaster and on the left the gym master. Names anyone?

I don't know if the gym master from Portsdown School was a former services physical training instructor but he certainly coached his boys well. They appear to be well-disciplined in this exhibition. I wonder if any went on to be PTIs in the services?

To see more of Mick's photos on various subjects go to

Was the gym master at Portsdown School a former forces PT instructor? Picture: Mick Cooper