Portsmouth mum has no idea she's pregnant until she gives birth in the toilet in 1981

Evelyn Wallis, from Leigh Park, cuddled her baby after he arrived unannounced, and said: ‘I still cannot believe it. I didn’t even realise I was pregnant.’

Evelyn Wallis cradles Wayne in her arms.
Evelyn Wallis cradles Wayne in her arms.

And two Portsmouth ambulancemen were hailed as heroes for saving Wayne’s life after his dramatic birth.

Leading ambulanceman Brian Fairclough and Gordon Rogers brought tiny Wayne to life after his stunned mother gave birth in the toilet of her Soberton Road home.

Still finding it hard to believe that she had a baby son, Mrs Wallis said: ‘Everything happened in such a rush. Wayne is our sunshine.

‘I had felt poorly for about four weeks. I felt big but I thought I was just putting on weight,’ said Mrs Wallis, 39.