Rising sea levels? The world's seen it all before '“ Nostalgia

There are reports that if we do not stop global warming then Portsea Island would, for the most part, be completely engulfed by the sea in years to come.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd January 2019, 8:09 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:35 am
How Copnor Bridge might look if engulfed by rising sea levels. Picture: Deborah Croker
How Copnor Bridge might look if engulfed by rising sea levels. Picture: Deborah Croker

Copnor Bridge would be poking out of the sea like a humped-back whale perhaps.

Those that appear to know what they are talking about say that if the world temperature rises by 2C then the world's seas will rise above anything seen before.

Well, in my view, it would be like King Canute trying to stop the tide coming in at Bosham. Actually he was doing the reverse, pointing out to his people he was not a god and  could not stop the tide even if he wanted to.

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These so called professional climate bods ought to think on and think about the whole issue being nothing more than a natural phenomena. 

At one time England was part of the Continent before flooding gave us the English Channel and India was once part of Africa. Have they thought that perhaps everything that is happening is just a continuance of the creation of the Earth and nothing can stop it no matter how much various bodies try to. 

In the Arizona desert I see they have found whale bones proving the desert must have been many fathoms under a sea at one time. See my point?

'¢Â A final note about the fish and chip shop in Fratton Road came from Pauline Mills. She tells me it belonged to her grandparents Sidney and Annie Dikes.  

Pauline says: 'During the Portsmouth blitz they kept the chippy open to help feed the people even though they had bomb damage to the upstairs of the shop. 

'I had many happy years watching my nan, mum, auntie and two uncles run the shop. My grandad died in 1946 and my nan took over the shop and still fried the fish and chips until she died in 1963. The shop was later pulled down to make way for new houses. Nan used The Florist across the road as her local.'

Chris Knowlson is another who remembers Lake Road. He says: 'I saw by chance the picture of 270 Lake Road and remember the small watch shop run by Mr. Pattenden. My grandmother, Edith Anne Knowlson, had the sweet shop just along the road at 236 Lake Road. She was there until her death about 1963, when my father, Charlie, took over the shop. It was pulled down by the corporation not long after.  

'We all used to take turns serving customers, the person nearest the door in the back room would be obliged to go into the shop to serve. When visiting gran, she would be sitting in the back room with a black and white TV on. It was always on to watch the horse racing and she would be surrounded by the racing papers ready to back her favourite horse. Her favourite excursions were to Goodwood races. 

'Mr Pattenden's shop was a bay-windowed house converted into a shop. My father bought my first watch from there. I would have been about 13, probably 1966. Mr Pattenden was usually seen in the shop window in good daylight repairing a watch.

'¢Â I do not vote for a party but always for a person no matter which party he or/she belongs to. Because of the dubious quality of recent MPs going for the top job I have not voted for years. The last man I would have voted for is the late Paddy Ashdown who always appeared to be honest and up front and knew what he was talking about, but alas it was not to be.

I will say this though, when a party is voted into government by the people, the day after the election that party is in charge. So after the majority voted to leave the EU why did David Cameron not phone Brussels the next day and say: '˜Well, that's it for us then. My people want out. Bye for now' and then just leave. I would love to have known what Margaret Thatcher would have done in the circumstances. 

A little naive thinking on my part perhaps but that is just me.