When German PoWs come ashore at Gosport '“  Nostalgia

This is an aerial view of Cosham between the High Street and Northern Road in 1938. At the very bottom can be seen where the trams circulated and between the level crossing of the High Street and the railway bridge of Northern Road is the iron tramway bridge that was used to take the Portsdown & Horndean Light Railway trams to Horndean.

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Friday, 2nd November 2018, 9:52 am
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German prisoners being offloaded at Hardway, Gosport, 1944.
German prisoners being offloaded at Hardway, Gosport, 1944.

The cinema is the black building with three white dots on the roof opposite the junction with Knowsley Road.

At the top of the picture can be seen the roundabout of Northern Road and Southampton Road. Southampton Road is now Wayte Street to the right and Medina Road to the left.

On the bottom right hand corner of the roundabout is now the police station and across the road the fire station.

Undeveloped parts of west Cosham, 1938.

The area below where the police station is today was all given over to allotments.

'¢ Last week I published a photograph of German prisoners of war marching through a Gosport street. I have had so many replies about where they were marching, along Grove Road, Elson, that  I havedevoted my entire page to it on the Looking Back page in the Weekend magazine. It includes many readers' anecdotes and, even if I say so myself, it's well worth reading.

And to whet your appetite for tomorrow, here is a rare colour photograph, loaned by Derek Howard, of German prisoners being offloaded at Hardway, Gosport, from a Landing Ship Tank (LST) shortly after D-Day in June 1944..

I am sure there must be many more photographs of Gosport hidden away in old chess of draers and I would very much like to see them for potential publication if at all possible.

Can anyone tell me anything about the mast on the right inside the dockyard main gate? Picture: Barry Cox Collection.

If you do not have means of scanning and sending and do not want to post them just contact me via The News and I will visit you and take photographs of your photographs to reproduce on my computer.Please call me on (023) 9243 5936 or e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you.

'¢Â The photograph's caption says  these wounded First World War sailors were being entertained in the '˜small' Victoria hall. I can only assume that this '˜small' hall was an annexe to the larger Victoria Hall. Judging by the number of girls looking after them, these sailors would not have had a care in the world! All a very long way from deadly battles at sea.

'¢Â I have often published photographs of The Hard, Portsea, and the main gate into the dockyard, but I have never seen a photograph with the mast inside the gate on the right. can anyone tell me more about it?

Wounded sailors being entertained in March 1918. Where the small Victoria Hall was I do not know. Picture:Tony Davis Collection