Belting bass earns Wicks bragging rights

Danny Wicks with his 11lb bass
Danny Wicks with his 11lb bass
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There has been a powerful sea change on the south coast.

Wymering rod George Ball has long out-fished his Portsmouth pal Danny Wicks.

The pair have been battling it out on beaches in and around Hampshire for longer than they care to remember.

And Ball has always netted the plaudits.

But now Wicks has finally broken his rival’s stranglehold.

Ball’s best bass – weighing in at 10lb 6oz – has topped their table for the past few years.

Not anymore. The bragging rights now belong to Wicks, 26, who landed a beauty at Barton-on-Sea recently.

After baiting his home-made pulley pennel rig with a large sandeel and bluey cocktail, he sent it skyward in the hope of hooking a monster.

On his second cast and with his eyes trained on the tip light, Wicks had a bite.

After a few minutes, he managed to get it to the surf where it really started to fight hard.

It was touch and go whether the line would snap before the fish was on the shingle but in the end Wicks won and the bass tipped the scales at exactly 11lb.

The fish was released unharmed, with Wicks grinning from ear to ear.

Earlier, Ball had set the pace with a bass of more than 4lb on paternoster rigged squid fished in the breakers.

But it was no match for Wicks’ wonder.

n Andy Cummins won round three of the Avon Valley Summer League at Bough Beech Reservoir in Kent.

With 60 pegs in action, Cummins won the day with 87-03-0 of bream and skimmers caught on the feeder maggot and worm at 65 yards.

Second was Rob Williams with 80-02-0 of bream and skimmers.

INDIVIDUAL RESULT: 1 Andy Cummins (Allans Marine) 87-03-0; 
2 Rob Williams (Preston Innovations) 80-02-0; 3 Shaun Barnett (Milo Bordon Red) 59-08-0. 
TEAM RESULT: 1 Preston Innovations 56pts; 2 Allans Marine Mates 55pts; 3 Milo Bordon Black 46pts.
OVERALL: 1 Milo Bordon Red 190pts; 2 Preston Innovations 178pts; 3 Milo Bordon Black 168pts.