Hot Rod nets gold as silver fish hide

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Anglers - Kathleen Harrison, from Milton, with her 1lb nine-and-a-half-ounce catch. She was another one of the winners in the Southsea children's sea angling competition

THIS YEAR IN 1979: Young anglers fall victims of the weather

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Rod Legg is celebrating victory in the Allan Watson & Nobie Hall Memorial competition.

The Portsmouth DAS angler – fishing on his home waters at Lakeside – carried off the trophy after netting 10 carp to 8lb for a winning haul of 46-3-0.

It was a superb performance from peg 12 on a day when the silver fish were off the feed.

The venue is best known for its carp but also has a good head of skimmers, roach and rudd.

However, you would not have known it if you took a look in the competitors’ bags.

In the run up to the match on Sunday, June 3, the weather had been very warm.

The lake’s carp had spawned the previous week and the scene was set for a good day’s sport.

But by the weekend, the temperature had dropped and heavy rain was forecast.

This sudden drop in pressure put the silver fish off the feed but fortunately the lake’s carp still obliged.

And the weights would have been better had not so many fish been lost.

Regardless, nearly half the field hooked enough to frame.

The secret behind Legg’s winning weight was his method of alternating between maggot and meat on the hook.

Passies angler Eddie Green was second best from his position on peg 28.

Green also caught 10 carp – some on 8mm pellet, one on the pole and the rest were fished at 80yds up against a willow on the far bank.

But, ultimately, his bag weighed in slightly less than Legg’s at 42-7-0.

In third spot was Craig Stewart of Southmoor.

He was fishing on peg 44, where he took 39-8-0 of carp.

Stewart’s haul was caught in the margins next to the rushes on pellet and corn.

He hooked more than enough to win the match but couldn’t keep them out of the rushes, so had to settle for third place.

Close behind Stewart was Tony Butler – another angler to net 10 carp in total.

The Allans Marine fisherman took his haul of 38-10-0 at 7m on soft pellet.

Butler’s team-mate, Jeff Maye, bagged 33-3-0 for fifth place, while Gerry Illingworth of Southmoor was sixth with a total weight of 30-10-0.

Both hauls from Maye and Illingworth were made up exclusively of carp.