Mogridge nets Southern Premier League podium spot

Danny Woodcock came second in round nine of the 2011 Southern Premier League angling competition
Danny Woodcock came second in round nine of the 2011 Southern Premier League angling competition
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FAREHAM angler Danny Mogridge earned a place on the podium at round nine of the Southern Premier League.

Winning zone B from peg 26, Mogridge caught a 1lb 8oz 8dms bass with seven top-ups (six bass and a whiting), for a total weight of 1lb 15oz 8dms.

The tally saw the angler win the zone’s top cash prize of £100.

Winner of the match – switched by ISAC to the reserve venue of Southbourne, in Bournemouth – was Matt White.

From peg 57 in zone C, he landed two bass, a sole and four top-ups (two bass, plaice and sole) for a weight of 3lb 11oz 4dms.

This was White’s first victory in the SPL and won him the top cash prize of £130, along with the ISAC Round Nine Champions trophy and certificate.

Runner-up in the competition was zone A winner Danny Woodcock, who landed a 3lb 2oz 8dm bass, the heaviest fish of the match, and five top-ups (four bass and a ray) from peg 19.

This gave him a total zone winning weight of 3lb 7oz 8dms. Woodcock earned a cash prize of £115.

A total of 52 anglers booked in for the match, which was fished in fair conditions, with a WNW wind of force 3-4 and intermittent rain, which dissipated during the evening.

Sixty-six pegs were laid out from the end of the promenade.

And a total of 157 fish were recorded at the scales by 44 entrants for a total weight of 35lb 11ozs.

This consisted of 11 bass, one dab, one tub gurnard, one pout, three scad, 17 sole, one turbot and four whiting, with 118 top-ups.

John Lintern from Axbridge landed the turbot of 1lb 12oz 4dms,

A total of £675 in 14 cash awards was paid out on the night, raising the total for the year to £7,115 and £181,500 after 173 monthly open competitions.

Steve Harder retained his lead at the top of the overall individual championship table, with 37 points and 25lb 8ozs, in weight.

Harder finished in seventh place during round nine, gaining three points in the match after landing a bass and sizeable sole, with a top-up plaice for a total weight of 1lb 12oz 12dms.

Steve Deathe retained his second place in the league on 50 points and 11lb 10oz 4dms, after gaining three points and eighth place in round nine.

Mike Brown lays third overall on 56 points and 18lb 1oz 4dms in weight after securing eight points in round nine.

A total of 124 anglers have fished the SPL this season with 55 (44 per cent) winning cash prizes.

In total, 102 anglers (82 per cent) have recorded fish at the scales.


1 Matt White, Worthing –3lb 11oz

2 Danny Woodcock, Portland – 3-7-8

3 Danny Mogridge, Fareham – 1-15-8

4 John Lintern, Axbridge –1-15-4

5 Darren James, Southampton – 1-10-12

6 Rob Ayres, Fordingbridge –1-10-4


1 Steve Harder, So’ton – 25lb 8ozs (37pts)

2 Steve Deathe, So’ton – 11-10-4 (50)

3 Mike Brown, So’ton – 18-1-4 (56)

4 Jeff Fisk, Poole – 14-14-4 (60)

5 Matt Brook, Sandown – 11-9-4 (60)

6 Ian Dancey, Waterlooville – 12-5-12 (64)