Timm leaves it late

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Anglers - Kathleen Harrison, from Milton, with her 1lb nine-and-a-half-ounce catch. She was another one of the winners in the Southsea children's sea angling competition

THIS YEAR IN 1979: Young anglers fall victims of the weather

Timm Warren reeled in a 21lb 10oz cod to leapfrog his rivals and take first place at the Southsea Sea Angling Club Fogarty Cup.

This year saw a slight change from previous years and was fished as a 'heaviest bag of the cod family' with only one of each species being allowed at the scales.

In line with the season's other matches, the SSAC followed suit with other clubs and recognised that bagfuls of fish do not necessarily amount to points on the scoreboard.

Warren, who was lying in third place at the end of the penultimate match, demonstrated this.

His cod catch saw him overtake the two forerunners to take first place and seal the overall club championship in very cold and particularly harsh match conditions. With temperatures on the day barely registering over freezing, the slightest breeze forced even the most hardened anglers to reach for thermals, with the chill factor and breeze leaving the weather at borderline tolerable levels.

Most members opted to stay inshore of the Nab area, fishing all points north, east and west.

That created a veritable 'boat park' blanketing the seabed with everything from squid, cuttlefish, black lug and the popular and ever-productive mackerel.

The results for everyone's efforts was a good catch of whiting and pouting and for those lucky enough to hook into them, good sizes of cod.

Only four members managed to hook into the main target species, with Warren taking the biggest cod at a weight of 21lb 10oz.

Karl Moore, Barry Shrimpton and Tom Clare also weighed in fish ranging from 16lb 3oz to 11lb 5oz.