Shot and hammer festival is a fantastic success

Kameron Duxbury
Kameron Duxbury
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THE first City of Portsmouth Shot and Hammer Festival proved a great success yesterday.

Coach Andrew Vincent and a great team of volunteers organised the event at the Mountbatten Centre.

Gaia Osborne. Picture: Mick Young

Gaia Osborne. Picture: Mick Young

The competition was good with some of the best ranked national athletes heading to Portsmouth to take part.

City’s athletes all performed strongly with lots of new personal bests adding the gloss to a great day.

10 personal bests for COPAC athletes today.

Vincent said: ‘To see lots of personal bests for City of Portsmouth athletes was superb.

‘It’s a fantastic achievement and everyone should be very proud.

‘Thanks to the helpers, officials and cake makers and everyone who made the day a total success.’

City of portsmouth


Shot Put

Elliot Evans 9.33m

Amy Loyd 5.34m

Erin Lloyd 5.42m

Evie Jones 5.85m

Gabby Jones 7.92m

Sophie Lockyer 9.69m

Ella May Sprake 7.78m

Maddie Wilton 10.39m

Sarah Hunt 11.24m

Hollie Thurgood 11.30m

Gaia Osborne 15.00m

Serena Vincent 13.77m

Kameron Duxbury 14.56m

Phil Trant 10.38m

Tom Miller 11.83m


Phoebe March 32.74m

Yasha Bobash 43.67m

Ros Stansbury 41.98m

Dawid Marchlewicz 47.30m