Montiel sets sights on Great South Run after ‘surreal’ summer

Emma Montiel in action in Glasgow
Emma Montiel in action in Glasgow
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Emma Montiel is looking to add a strong Great South Run performance to her long list of achievements in 2014.

The City of Portsmouth athlete wrapped up Lakeside 5k Series success last week.

It was a successful return to the local scene after her exploits at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow earlier this summer.

Now Montiel is knuckling down to hard training again.

She will compete in the Victory 5 on Sunday, September 14, before lining up for the Great South Run in Portsmouth on Sunday, October 26.

Montiel said: ‘You come back down with a thump, back to work and back to training hard.’

‘I am just trying to rebuild strength for the Great South Run.

‘It’s the one I am more nervous about. I will put pressure on myself. Probably with about four weeks to go.

‘That sub-60 is always going to be there. But it’s weather dependent.

‘My best time is 62-and-a-half in Salisbury this year.

‘But with the Great South Run it is that last two miles into the wind when you turn around Eastney. It’s just like “oh my god”.

‘You just brace yourself, just to see what it’s going to be like.

‘Then it’s just how hard you can push those last two miles.’

Montiel relished the experience of lining up for Gibraltar in the 10,000m at the Commonwealth Games, alongside many of the world’s top distance runners.

The City star finished with a time of 37min 26.85sec, while Joyce Chepkirui led home a Kenyan one, two, three.

She said: ‘That was just surreal. You are there with people that train and run for a living. I do it as a hobby.

‘It would have been great to have done a PB but I just wanted to enjoy it. I thought “I am probably never going to do this again”.

‘The crowds were extraordinary. To hear people shouting your name. You just think “they don’t know me”. It sort of pays to be last really because you get all the cheers.’

Montiel also got to spend time around top-quality athletes in the village and take in the Games experience.

She said: ‘You have got access to the rest of the athletics.

‘That’s when you just appreciate the crowds. Everybody gets a cheer. I will never forget it.

‘Just to see all those other athletes – Jo Pavey, and Steve Way as well, he is just unbelievable.

‘Then obviously all the Kenyans, you just sit in awe of them.

‘You just sort of hang around to see what they eat and see “what do you differently”.

‘They are such graceful runners and it is just a joy to watch them run.’