WATCH: Inspirational fundraiser Claire Lomas crosses the Great South Run finish line

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AFTER more than 24 hours of battling through the wind and rain, inspirational fundraiser Claire Lomas completed her Great South Run challenge on Southsea seafront this morning.

The battling challenger, who was left paralysed from the chest down 10 years ago, crossed the 10-mile finish line to rapturous applause this morning.

Aided by the revolutionary rewalk suit that allowed her to walk by tilting her pelvis, the 37-year-old campaigner was on the cusp of tears as she weighed up the emotional achievement at the finish line.

She told reporters: 'I do not think I've ever felt so tired but I am keen to have a rest now.

'Across the ten miles, it was tough all the way along. At the stage of the second mile, I was already tired and it seemed a long way to go but I made it.

'I am just really grateful to my support team and the Great South Run team for helping me out and for giving me this opportunity. It has been incredible.

'People's generosity out on the streets of Portsmouth was amazing. We had so many cups of tea brought to us through the night.'

Claire was the first person to start the run on Sunday morning and was the last person to cross the finish line at Clarence Esplanade after walking through the night.

David Hart, communications director of the Great South Run said: 'In the 28 years of the Great South Run, this ranks is one of the high moments. Clare really is an unstoppable force of nature.'

Claire was fundraising for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation and hopes an extra tens of thousands can be added to the £500,000 she has already raised for the organisation.

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