Baggott muscles his way into second spot with strong show

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Will Baggott took second place in the Strongman World Championships in Helsinki, Finland.

The Gosport star competed in the 105kg category and was satisfied with his performance, although he would have liked to secure the victory.

Will Baggott in action in Helsinki. Picture: Rob Ditcham/mandolinmedia

Will Baggott in action in Helsinki. Picture: Rob Ditcham/mandolinmedia

He said: ‘I did what I could, I put 100-per-cent effort in.

‘We trained all year for it, the process of training and qualifying at the same time.

‘We knew that I had to put everything in to it so second place is a good result but not the win we were going for.

‘I only lost out by 1.5 points for the win – it was a close call.’

The World Strongman Championship is a two-day event over one weekend.

Four events are held on the Saturday and four on the Sunday.

Due to the competition carrying over points from the Saturday to the Sunday, Baggott started Sunday’s event with a five-point deficit.

But along with his coach Rob Frampton he plotted a good recovery.

He said: ‘We worked hard all the way through the second day.

‘We managed to push back to only a 1.5 points difference.

‘I couldn’t have given any more, so I’m happy with second place.’

Baggott’s best event was the Sunday finale.

‘It was MAS wrestling, which I won,’ he said.

‘I smashed that event – I managed to make my opponent go flying!

‘At that point all of the stress and the emotions of the day helped me to win the event.’

Frampton’s coaching expertise has been crucial.

‘It’s a great help to have someone like Rob,’ said Baggott.

‘I wouldn’t be able to do it without him.

‘He’s got such a wealth of knowledge and experience.

‘He knows exactly what he’s doing, keeps me calm, tells me how to do things.’

In the next two years Baggott, who has great support from his family, is aiming to compete in the World’s Strongest Man open category.