El Toro wants Shinkwin return

Joel McIntyre
Joel McIntyre
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JOEL McINTYRE challenged Miles Shinkwin: Give me a rematch.

The Leigh Park light-heavyweight believes he deserves a return with Shinkwin after his narrow Southern Area title defeat on Saturday.

Shinkwin took a tight 97-95 points win in an absorbing match-up at the York Hall in Bethnal Green.

McIntyre felt he’d done enough to get the decision after the final bell and there was anger from El Toro’s fans when the decision went the other way.

There were no complaints from the McIntyre camp after the verdict, however.

But the 26-year-old has now called on Shinkwin to deliver a return against him.

McIntyre felt the decorated former England junior international ‘stole’ the contest from him on the back foot after getting his nose in front.

And he stated there are enough doubts over the fight’s outcome to do it again.

That would be no bad thing after the duo served up an entertaining chess match of a clash over 10 rounds.

McIntyre said: ‘I’d love a rematch and I think it needs to happen.

‘It has to be put beyond question and that’s not the case at the moment.

‘You can’t just run away with a title like that. You shouldn’t be able to steal it like that.

‘He’s fit, a good boxer and counter puncher and I applaud fighers when they box and beat a brawler.

‘I’m not a brawler, though. I can have a boxing match as much as anyone.

‘He knows he’s up on the scorecard and he’s ran away with it. It’s not a real fighter, is it?

‘We want to see real warriors fight. Let me get back in there with him and have it again.

‘I don’t want to whinge about it but if I need to moan and moan and moan to get a rematch, I will.

‘I doubt he’ll want to take a rematch after that but I’m going to call him out.

‘I didn’t say anything about his chin in the first place but I got him with a good, flush shot at the end and his legs went.

‘I’m not doubting his chin because I know I’ve got a good punch.

‘But he needs to put it beyond question and put it beyond doubt.’

The contest proved an intriguing match-up which ebbed and flowed in front of an excited audience in the capital.

A slow start from McIntyre was a key factor in his rival getting the decision.

The 11-1 man found his feet in the middle rounds, however, and finished powerfully.

Shinkwin was knocked out of his stride after picking up a cut over his eye in the eighth round.

That was the pre-cursor to a strong finale from McIntyre.

He said: ‘I’m happy with my performance and feel I can be proud of it.

‘I’m really pleased with the support I’ve been given and I want to thank everyone for that.

‘I think people would like to come out and see me again after that display.

‘Yes, you could say he has superior boxing skills and he’s a very fast lad.

‘I’d beat him in a rematch, I genuinely believe that.

‘But I’m going to get on and keep training.

‘I’m confident I’ve got a lot to look forward to.’