Floyd vows to train harder in hunt for Moore

Floyd Moore on the attack against Ivan Godor. Picture: Neil Marshall (1713340-411)

Floyd Moore was way short of his best as edged a 58-57 points win over Slovakian Ivan Godor at the Mountbatten Centre.

Moore admitted he was lacking in fitness as he often laboured against the journeyman on Saturday night.

Floyd Moore defeated Ivan Godor. Picture: Neil Marshall (1713340-546)

The 27-year-old, who is a two-times Southern Area champion, is still hungry to make his mark.

And he reckons the display can act as a wake-up call for the challenges ahead.

He said: ‘I trained hard – but not hard enough. Sometimes you forget how hard it is in there.

‘You really have to put in the hours when you’re in the gym. I maybe cut a couple of corners because I have other commitments now.

‘A win’s a win, though, but I want to prove I’ve still got what it takes. I’m still just 27 and I have a lot more to give.

‘I know I just have to train harder and put more hours into the gym. I wasn’t fit enough.’

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