Former Pompey man’s like a boxing teenager

Dave Birmingham Picture: Mick Young
Dave Birmingham Picture: Mick Young
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DAVE BIRMINGHAM’s relentless approach has been highlighted as a key factor to his future success.

But the former Pompey defender has been warned he needs to refine his approach to make his mark in the professional boxing ranks.

Birmingham takes his third step in the pro game in Portsmouth on July 9.

The lightweight meets experienced journeyman Kas Hussain after a promising start to his career.

Birmingham has earned praise for his committed approach since linking up with trainer Michael Ballingall.

Ballingall noted the 35-year-old’s fiery attitude in the ring and engine are big assets in his arsenal.

He feels he needs to marry that with the nous to know when’s the right time to turn up the heat in contests.

Ballingall said: ‘Dave is like a bull at a gate. He has a great engine and doesn’t stop.

‘He is dangerous, but he punches the gloves and forearms a lot.

That can become tiring over six rounds.

‘That will come with experience, though.

‘He has so much fire in him.

‘Dave’s not a massive puncher but he’s very aggressive.

‘He’s like an 18-year-old, really, not someone in their mid-thirties!

‘Dave works to a very good pace, though, and is on track.’

Former pro James Lee has proved a guiding hand for Birmingham since his move into the boxing world.

Lee enjoyed a 10-fight pro career from 2000-2002 and is a well-known face on the circuit.

He is now acquiring a strong reputation as a pads man in the business.

Lee will oversee Birmingham as he gears up for his contest next week with some sparring at Limehouse Gym in London.

Trainer Ballingall feels that will be a useful experience for his boxer.

Ballingall explained the challenge for him is to rein in Birmingham’s natural enthusiasm and eagerness to progress.

That was seen by him being keen to quickly move up from the four-round distance.

Ballingall added: ‘Dave wants to do a six-rounder in his next fight. He needs to do a few four-rounders.

‘We aren’t going to be doing four rounds forever.

‘One day it will be 12 rounds and there’s a lot more to it than just chucking shots.

‘But were really pleased with how he’s coming on.’