Masterclass from former Portsmouth footballer stuns previously undefeated talent in London

A masterclass from David Birmingham saw him leave highly-rated opponent Anesu Twala battered and well beaten in London.

Sunday, 23rd September 2018, 10:39 am
Updated Sunday, 23rd September 2018, 11:48 am
David Birmingham. Picture: Ian Hargreaves

The Portsmouth boxer saw the hard work with his new trainer Brian Davidson and the Leigh Park Warrior Tony Oakey rewarded with an emphatic performance at the York Hall, Bethnal Green.

Many of those watching on felt the fight should have been stopped but although Lewisham lightweight Twala ended up in hospital he was okay after.

Former Pompey footballer Birmingham was a very convincing winner over his previously undefeated opponent, taking the victory 59-55.

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He said: '˜It was a big, big win for me.

'˜He was an undefeated lad and he was quite highly-rated going into the fight.

'˜We had a good eight weeks to prepare for it with my new trainer Brian Davidson and Tony Oakey in the camp with us helping all the way.

'˜The plan was to get after him and manhandle him a bit early on.

'˜Myself and my trainer decided to dictate pace, to control the ring.

'˜We didn't let him dictate.

'˜He took the first round, he was the home boy so that's understandable.

'˜After three rounds he was just a walking punchbag following me around the ring.

'˜The fight should have been stopped in the fourth round. I caught him with a flurry.

'˜Then in the sixth round it should have been stopped as well.

'˜His corner man said he was thinking of chucking the towel in but he didn't and the guy ended up going to hospital.'

It never seemed in doubt and it was only a case of whether the fight would be stopped before the six rounds were up.

Some reports had the result given out as 59-57 but Birmingham, now based at Warriors Gym in Havant, knew he was far more dominant than that.

He added: '˜In the second round I stepped on the gas, I upped the tempo with a lot of shots to the body.

'˜It really worked, it slowed him down and his hands dropped.

'˜In the fourth round I caught him with a flurry in the corner, around 10 to 15 punches.

'˜Only the bell for the end of the round saved him.

'˜I felt good so we decided to stick with that pace.

'˜Although he went to hospital he was fine after. I think he struggled with the weight. He came in over the 9st 10 which they adjusted to 9st 12 and maybe it was a bit of dehydration.

'˜The announcer gave it as 59-55 on the night, that gave him the first round which was fair enough. I took the rest. It wasn't a close fight.'