McIntyre’s ‘shock to the system’ as he prepares for Ultimate Boxxer II

Joel McIntyre
Joel McIntyre
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In his exclusive column in The News, Joel McIntyre gives readers a unique insight into his life as a professional prizefighter as he prepares for the biggest test of his eight-year career when he enters Ultimate Boxxer II at The O2 on November 2.

Last week was my first week of the training camp for my next fight in the next Ultimate Boxxer tournament.

That’s where eight talented light-heavyweights all meet in a winner-takes-all tournament with a £50k prize fund at stake, live on Channel 5Spike.

Call it the preliminary week if you like –  it’s a hard week of training but it’s also the calm before the storm.

It’s the first week back and although it’s spent easing in, it’s still a shock to the system.

I’m up early in the mornings for my roadwork, usually at 4.30am for a 45-minute jog.

I work during the day like everyone else. I run a catering business that services Havant, Southbourne, or basically anywhere from Portsmouth to Chichester.

I also get the privilege of doing the school runs during the day – mornings and afternoons – which I love!

My son, Lucas, is nine and I love being able to drop him off and pick him up from school, I’m a proud dad.

My fiancé Genevieve and I call him Loki because he is the God of Mischief!

My day doesn’t finish there because every night I train in the boxing gym from 6pm-7:30pm.

So, it’s a full-on routine every day, six days a week.

Sunday is my day of rest and it usually involves a day out with the family somewhere, mostly in and amongst nature, recharging the batteries.

I never stop training, even in between fights I’m still in the gym keeping a good level of fitness.

I was ordered to have a week off by my trainer Daron Wiseman after my last fight for the English title was cancelled.

He actually banned me from the boxing gym!

Daron is my main trainer, there’s also Dan Ashatano, and we operate out of Wisemans HQ boxing gym, as well as Surrey Strength and Performance in Caterham.

My team always do a seven-week training camp. If you stay fit and you have a good base-level fitness, then six weeks work is all you need, finished off with a week of tapering off.

Every workout is a shock to the system. I walk into the gym every day and work to the highest of my ability, I even feel a little nervous every time.

Already, I have done a lot of pad work and sparring to break myself back in, lots of strength and conditioning and even hill sprints.

I know what I’m doing by now, so I get into the gym and just get on with it.

This week is the second of camp and it will go a bit mad!

It really intensifies and turns up from here on, so there’s no messing about this week!