McIntyre vows to deliver destructive homecoming

Joel McIntyre will walk into boxing's last-chance saloon with a Portsmouth homecoming.

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 8:00 am
Joel McIntyre.  Picture: Neil Marshall
Joel McIntyre. Picture: Neil Marshall

And the former English light-heavyweight champion is vowing to deliver a ‘destructive’ performance on home soil after giving his career a shake-up.

McIntyre aims to bounce back from a surprise title defeat to Liam Conroy last September at the Mountbatten Centre on February 24.

The 29-year-old is leaving no stone unturned on his mission to get back into title contention.

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McIntyre has sought advice from Chris Eubank and Tony Oakey’s former trainer, Ronnie Davies, as he travels to former heavyweight champion Scott Welch’s gym in Brighton for training.

And the man with a 16-2 record is taking a single-minded approach as he promises an eye-catching display.

McIntyre said: ‘It has to be a spectacular performance, coming off a loss. It’s going to be destructive.

‘This is my stage. I know I have to destroy the opponent and get everyone talking again.

‘I did need a recharge and some time off. I’d got stale and fed up and I’m not afraid to say that.

‘It can happen at any level in any sport. There were a few anti-climaxes and it all added up.

‘Everything does happen for a reason, though.

‘It’s my last chance and I’m not prepared to leave the fate of my career in anyone else’s hands. I have to be what I need to be.

‘Eubank Sr went to New York and did it in his career. His advice to me is it’s all about me and I have to take control.

‘I’m the one getting in there, so it’s about me. I’m the brand and it’s about building me.

‘So you want to keep everyone working together, but I also have to do what’s right for me.

‘There’s (Chris Eubank) Junior there and Ronnie Davies, who’s become a really good friend of mine.

‘I’m going to do everything needed to get to the top.’

McIntyre is planning to undertake a nomadic existence touring gyms to get himself into shape for action.

That includes plenty of work across our communities and linking up with local talent – which has got him predicting a bright future for Portsmouth boxing.

McIntyre added: ‘I’m travelling around and I’m mixing my training 

‘I was at HMS Nelson with the navy and my home gym is with Team Wiseman.

‘When I first turned over I went to London because I had to get among it all.

‘The scene here wasn’t great back then, but I think we’re coming into a good period for Pompey boxing and hopefully I can lead the way with it.

‘It’s all about Portsmouth boxing –and getting the scene to blow up.’