Adams unsure why opponents didn’t push on

Jimmy Adams bowls against Lancashire. Picture: Neil Marshall
Jimmy Adams bowls against Lancashire. Picture: Neil Marshall
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Jimmy Adams revealed he had been left confused by Lancashire’s tactics after the final day of the Championship division two clash petered out into a draw.

The Hampshire skipper admitted he had been expecting his side to endure what could have been a testing period to try to save the game as Lancshire built a commanding lead.

But instead of getting his batting gear on, Adams reached for his bowling boots for a rare spell with the ball in a bid to save his bowlers from pointless overs.

Adams explained: ‘When we got past the point of having 40 overs left in the day, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

‘If you are looking at bowling a side out, you want 45 overs plus.

‘So it got to tea and I thought I would need to get my bowling boots on and have a little trundle.

‘They ran through our lower middle order in the first innings so I thought they might do something.

‘We had a few times last year where we were trying to negotiate a game but sometimes both teams want to set it up in their favour, so it’s tricky.

‘I felt there was a chance the game could have run its course if Lancashire had declared or we had been able to bowl them out.

‘But we couldn’t do that.

‘I didn’t say anything and there was no dialogue between the sides.

‘It’s not the guys who are out there who make the decision.

‘I’ve played in plenty of games in the past where things have been said but sometimes that makes people more stubborn.

‘It’s frustrating and probably more so for the spectators who just want to watch a good day’s cricket.’

While the weather played a part in taking so much time out of the game, the mentality of too many teams in the County Championship is to avoid defeat.

And Adams believes that is down to the time of the year.

He said: ‘At this time of the year, setting games up isn’t quite as crucial.

‘In September, there is a bit more desperation with teams going for promotion and things like that.

‘Going into the day, both sides would have been optimistic.

‘Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out that way.

‘If we’d got a couple of early wickets, we could have put some pressure on.

‘But we then thought they might push on and they might set us something to chase.

‘It’s frustrating we lost a day to rain but we got reasonable points out of it.

‘The draw looked the most likely result but if we’d had a spell or if they had got away from us, it could have been different.

‘If we had managed to make the most of when we had them 180 for eight, we might have been able to dictate the game a bit more.’

Adams also defended the late fun as Michael Carberry served up some bowling impressions.

The Hampshire skipper said: ‘I felt we went about it the right way until tea and then we’ve got guys who have bowled a lot of overs.

‘We’ve got another game in a couple of days so there was no point in upping the workload.

‘Carbs has got a few of those up his sleeve – batting and bowling.

‘It’s a thin line between having a laugh and being a bit silly.

‘But the game was going nowhere and a bit of light-hearted stuff is not the end of the world.

‘It made a few people smile.’