Calm Katich has no plans to start shouting the odds

Simon Katich. Picture: Neil Marshall
Simon Katich. Picture: Neil Marshall
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Stand-in Hampshire skipper Simon Katich insists his laid-back mentality will not be affected by his stint in the job.

The Australian Test batsman – who rejoined the club this season – has stepped up to the role in the absence of Jimmy Adams, who has missed the past two games for personal reasons relating to a family matter.

But Katich has no plans to start shouting the odds to his players, even when catches go down as they did on day one of their clash with Northamptonshire.

Katich said: ‘I’ve done it enough to know what’s required of the job.

‘The boys have been fantastic so there was no drama there.

‘It’s unfortunate circumstances and I’m hoping Jimmy is back sooner rather than later.

‘I’m just happy to be there for him to call upon if he needs me.

‘I know everyone out there is trying but guys make mistakes. I’ve made plenty in my career, so I’ve always had the philosophy where I won’t be too hard on blokes who make mistakes. Everyone is human.

‘I’ve never really shouted at people. I know what it was like when I first started playing.

‘I had captains and coaches that were firm and I responded to that but they never berated me.

‘There might be a time and a place if someone doesn’t behave in the right manner.

‘But our guys are doing the right things so there is no need to do that.

‘Even when catches go down, I don’t see the point in berating guys.

‘If someone wasn’t concentrating or stuffing around, then I might give them a piece of my mind but I haven’t seen that.

‘It isn’t the easiest conditions to take catches with a rock-hard ball coming at you quickly and your hands are freezing cold.

‘To be fair to all the guys, we do practise day in, day out and nobody means to drop them.’

Katich, who has scored more than 4,000 Test runs in 56 appearances for Australia, skippered New South Wales and is no stranger to calling the shots.

He said: ‘I’ve just tried to do it how I normally would.

‘I’ve seen how Jimmy went about it in the first couple of games and I’m getting to know some of the guys.

‘We’ve got a good feel among the guys in the dressing room and I’ve done the job a lot – particularly for New South Wales, so that helps.

‘I’ve got that experience to draw upon. Jimmy is very calm as well and he’s concerned about the welfare of all of the guys and I’m the same.

‘Some captains will shout at people and that is their prerogative.

‘But at some point, that can come back to bite you.

‘Unless you are doing everything perfectly yourself, it’s very hard to judge everyone else.

‘There is enough pressure on everyone as it is without the captain putting on anything else and making them feel nervous.’