Comment: Now is the time for England change

Michael Carberry. Picture: Dave Vokes/LMI Photography
Michael Carberry. Picture: Dave Vokes/LMI Photography
  • England’s cricketers suffer dismal failure at World Cup
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Michael Carberry, James Vince, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes and a certain Kevin Pietersen were all sitting on their backsides as England were humbled.

Thrashed by Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, England have managed one measly win – against Scotland – before the final humiliation by Bangladesh saw them fail to make the quarter-finals of the competition.

Players better suited to 50-over cricket were ignored.

Those who made those decisions have got it spectacularly wrong for too long and must be held to account.

Coach Peter Moores and many others at the ECB will be in the firing line – rightly so, I’m afraid.

A fresh approach is needed for the England team in their 50-over cricket, some positive pro-active decision-making and a fresh influx of players – regardless of their age.

They also need new brave figures in the positions of power behind the scenes.

A big broom has to sweep away the collective failures with a new mindset from everyone involved.

The rest of the world plays an entirely different version of the game – they effectively play t20-style but do it for 50 overs.

England are stuck in their ways as they plod their way to scores of 250 with old-fashioned cricket, when their rivals smash their way to 350 and beyond at will.

Players and coaches have had their chance – they blew it. Now it’s time for others to take this national embarrassment of a team in a different direction.