Hampshire hopeful of points after abandoned game

Jimmy Adams   Picture: Neil Marshall
Jimmy Adams Picture: Neil Marshall
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HAMPSHIRE are hopeful they may yet be awarded the victory after their Royal London One-Day Cup clash was abandoned at Glamorgan because of an unfit pitch.

Having restricted the Welsh club to 182 for nine from their 50 overs on a wicket that had already shown signs of variable bounce, the umpires called the game off after Jimmy Adams was struck on the helmet early in the Hampshire reply.

With Adams playing forward to a delivery that reared up and clattered into his head protection, the officials felt players’ safety was in doubt.

Even though Hampshire had survived unscathed at 26 without loss, the abandonment meant it was a no result with one point each.

It’s a lost point that could yet prove crucial and director of cricket Giles White will wait for the verdict after the official investigations.

He said: ‘I think the umpires made the right decision and now we wait to see what happens points-wise.

‘I’m not sure anyone knows at the moment. The umpires weren’t 100-per-cent sure so they will look into that.

‘It’s not our fault that the pitch was like that but Glamorgan are not trying to prepare a pitch like that either, so I feel for them.

‘But we would be disappointed if we were to go away with just one point.’

Adams was thankfully unhurt and revealed he would have been prepared to continue as he opted to leave the decision to others.

He said: ‘Carbs (Michael Carberry) got one that bounced on him a bit earlier.

‘That is pretty acceptable as the ball will keep low or bounce a bit more than expected at this time of year, especially on used wickets.

‘But I suppose it is the extreme nature of that.

‘I tend to sit on the back foot at the best of times, so for me to get on the front foot and for it to do that was a bit of a shock that spurred people into action.

‘There was no damage done but that is probably their worry if it goes again off that length, it could get nasty and someone could get hurt.

‘At first, I thought the ball might have been trapped in my helmet.

‘By the time I got my composure back, I saw the umpires were having a bit of a meeting.

‘The general feeling was “that shouldn’t happen”.

‘I’d rather not be involved in those sorts of decisions so I sat on the fence. But Carbs felt it was dangerous.

‘We’ve had some wickets in the past which have been deemed unfit. It does happen and groundsmen are under a lot of pressure. I feel for Glamorgan.’

Adams added: ‘I don’t know whether it was the right call or not but the pitch certainly wasn’t going to get any better.

‘It’s a point for us and the disappointment is that we would probably have been able to chase it down.

‘You never know if that one point could make a big difference or not.

‘But there were so many ifs and buts. There is no guarantee we would have won the game.

‘It got taken out of our hands - that’s the way it is.’