Loss to Ventnor is pain in the neck for Figgins

Purbrook captain Sean Figgins. Picture: Nigel Kenny
Purbrook captain Sean Figgins. Picture: Nigel Kenny
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It was a painful start to the new season for Purbrook captain Sean Figgins.

His men suffered a seven-wicket defeat at Ventnor II but the skipper’s involvement in the contest came to an end after facing just one delivery.

Figgins was struck on the neck by a bouncer and spent the next three hours in casualty.

To make matters worse, another member of the Purbrook side had to drive him to the local hospital leaving the visitors with just nine players.

‘I suppose it was the perfect bouncer,’ said Figgins.

‘It didn’t feel too bad and I would have carried on but then realised that blood was pouring out everywhere.

‘After waiting for ages at the hospital, it only took a few minutes to glue it together and put some strips over the cut.

‘If we hadn’t been hanging around so long we could have got back and I think it might have been different if it had been 11 against 11.

‘It was disappointing that the opposition gave us little help and didn’t offer us any substitute fielders when we were bowling.

‘If it had been at our place we would have made sure that one of our supporters provided transport and offered them a couple of sub fielders.’

It promised to be a difficult day for Purbrook, even before the setbacks on the field.

They were forced to travel without their most experienced player, Sam Pearce, who stayed at home with the second team because of other commitments.

Once the game started, Purbrook soon found themselves up against it.

Opener James Holder was dismissed and then Figgins left for hospital with 17 runs on the board.

Despite their problems the visitors showed a true battling spirit and continued to offer resistance.

Australian Jack Cunningham, still getting used to the conditions in this country, produced a solid knock of 20 runs.

Then James Miles hit an unbeaten 26 and Josh McCoy struck a terrific 44 to help their team reach 136 for eight off 38 overs.

‘It was always going to be an uphill battle with just nine fielders,’ said Figgins.

‘Ventnor were always going to be able to find gaps somewhere.

‘I missed most of it but the lads got behind each other and battled as hard as they could.

‘We feel it was a bit of a hollow victory for Ventnor.

‘It might have looked comfortable for them on paper.

‘But it would have been very interesting if we’d kept a full compliment of players.

‘We will have to put this experience behind us and start our season next weekend.’