Horndean racer warned Tour takes no prisoners

Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals rider Antoine Gaudillat leads the peloton in the early stages of round one of the Tour Series in Kirkaldy (May 14, 2013).
Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals rider Antoine Gaudillat leads the peloton in the early stages of round one of the Tour Series in Kirkaldy (May 14, 2013).

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Sam Redding has been told to be professional as he puts the finishing touches to his Tour Series preparations this weekend.

The Horndean rider will make his debut when the unique British championship arrives in Stoke-on-Trent on Tuesday night.

His Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals (SRPC) team-mates completed rounds one and two in Kirkcaldy and Durham respectively this week.

It is their maiden campaign as a fully-fledged Tour Series team after a guest appearance last season.

And while they may not have landed a blow against their high-profile rivals just yet, SRPC team principal James Smith is confident their time is going to come.

But key to the squad progressing up the standings – and 22-year-old Redding making an impact – will be matching their rivals in the preparation stakes.

‘The message to Sam will be to be professional at all times,’ said Smith.

‘People say to me “just enjoy it, just enjoy it”.

‘But I think that is quite an amateurish attitude.

‘The key is to be professional at all times and then you will enjoy it. The enjoyment will come from that.

‘If you turn up with a dirty bike, your mechanics aren’t right or you are not on it because you’ve trained too hard or not enough or eaten the wrong food, then you will suffer.

‘But if you come all prepared, you ride hard and ride professionally, then you will enjoy it.

‘We’re the amateur team in the Tour Series.

‘All the pro riders have everything done for them.

‘But if you are an amateur, you have to do a lot of it yourself.

‘Some of our guys work on a checkout all day.

‘So to do that and then turn up for a race like this is really hard for them.

‘But the commitment is there and the professionalism is there.

‘And I think our turn is just around the corner. I really do believe that.’

Redding missed the first two rounds of the 11-meeting series because of his studies at Loughborough University.

While his SRPC team-mates finished 10th in both races – with the rankings determined by each team’s first three riders across the line – there have been positives for Smith – among them Antoine Gaudillat heading the peloton in the early stages in Kirkcaldy.

And he believes there will be even more reasons for cheer after a fast and furious battle in Stoke.

‘It has gone as expected, really,’ said the team principal.

‘We are the amateur team but we are battling hard.

‘We are like vultures really. Picking off any scraps.

‘Antoine’s job in the first round was to get on the telly – and he did it.

‘He absolutely killed himself to do it – but his job was to get the jersey and the sponsors on the TV.

‘That worked out really well for us, so if there is a move we can sit in for a few minutes just to get a mention on the TV then we will do that.

‘The difference between us and the other teams is not massive – it’s just a few per cent.

‘But it is going to take a little while for us to find it.

‘We had a couple of minor victories in Durham.

‘Antoine stayed with the main group and finished in the top 20.

‘And next week our line up is a little stronger and a little bit more suited to some of the circuits, so we should see an improvement again.’