Pedal 2 Pedal success at Torq in your Sleep

Fred Price tops the podium
Fred Price tops the podium
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Fred Price topped the podium on a brilliant weekend for Pedal 2 Pedal in the Torq in your Sleep race weekend at Minley Manor in Surrey.

Price won the six to seven year race, while Karen Price also achieved a podium spot in the 12-hour vet female solo and Hannah Attenburrow did the same in the 12-hour female solo.

Hannah Attenburrow in action

Hannah Attenburrow in action

All the junior races were on Saturday.

Fred’s race comprised of two laps of a circuit of fireroad, singletrack, a tough climb and fast descent back to the arena.

He started in third place and quickly took the lead on the first fireroad.

However, the second and third placed riders were close behind, though with a constant gap through the singletrack.

Going back out for my 10th lap was the hardest. I was cold, my knees ached and I just wanted to curl up and sleep

Hannah Attenburrow

Fred then extended the lead on the climb and came through to start lap two with a 15-metre lead.

A small crash exiting the singletrack saw the lead tumble again.

But Fred again extended his advantage on the climb and finished first with a comfortable 20-metre lead.

On Sunday, a record number of riders set off.

Karen Price out on the course

Karen Price out on the course

Attenburrow and Karen Price got a good start, sitting in the middle of the pack into the first singletrack section.

Trail conditions were good considering all the rain during the week, but slightly tacky singletrack made the course a little slower to ride than usual.

It was mainly flat with three good climbs.

Attenburrow said: ‘The first was a short sharp effort up, then a long gravel road climb, and the worst one was a grassy climb, which considering it was not steep or long seemed to suck energy out of my legs!’

Considering the level of rain there had been, the course was pretty dry with a couple of sticky patches.

Karen led the vet ladies into lap two with a very quick opening lap.

She wasn’t feeling too well before the race, but seemed fast at this point.

The following laps saw steadier times as the race settled down with Karen in second place.

After more than nine hours, Karen felt ill and decided to climb off.

This was enough to seal third place – a superb result.

The achievement was matched by Attenburrow who finished third in her first ever 12-hour solo race.

She said: ‘Going back out for my 10th lap was the hardest. I was cold, my knees ached, and I just wanted to curl up and sleep.

‘Martyn (Hodges) was an amazing support and convinced me to do another lap or two!

‘I managed to do one more getting in just after the midnight cut off.

‘I felt pretty overwhelmed with what I had achieved coming third in my first solo 12-hour race was something I had never expected.

‘I want to say a huge thank you to Martyn who was an amazing support, keeping me going every lap.

‘Also, thank you to Silverback for my amazing bike, and to our sponsors Grip Grab, Bike Fixers and Dog Tag.’