Young siblings tipped to be next Sewells in the cycling crown

Lincoln Sewell  Picture: BMX Widow Photography
Lincoln Sewell Picture: BMX Widow Photography
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LINCOLN and Miah Sewell have shown their potential as cycling stars of the future following impressive displays at the Strider Balance Bike UK Championships.

That’s the view of Gosport BMX chairman Darren Fells after the brother and sister act excelled in Birmingham last month.

Two-year-old Lincoln claimed overall glory in his age category, while Miah recorded a sixth-place finish racing against boys in her own age group.

And Fells believes the young starlets could be set to follow in the pedals of elder brothers Cameron and Finley.

He said: ‘Lincoln has a good chance of being a good rider, although it doesn’t necessarily need to be BMX.

‘To be able to control a basic balance bike as well as he has done at the age of two will stand him in good stead for a number of different cycling disciplines.

‘He comes from a big cycling family – his two older brothers Cameron and Finley race BMX with us, while he races balance bike with his sister Miah.

‘He has a quiet confidence about him.

‘And Miah is a really lovely little girl who has always got a big smile on her face and loves riding her bike.

‘She has been with us for quite a while now on the balance bike side of things and has been coming to sessions since we started them – 18 months at least.

‘Like Lincoln, it was a fantastic achievement for her to do so well in Birmingham.’

Fells has also praised the design and popularity of the balance bike itself, following Gosport BMX’s decision to run a specialised group for toddlers.

Built without pedals or stabilisers, each child sits on the bike’s saddle and moves by pushing along the ground with their feet.

Fells said: ‘Balance bikes are one of the best ways now recognised for children to learn how to ride a bike.

‘On a balance bike they learn their steering, balance and control.

‘And then once they have mastered that they can step up to pedal bikes.

‘Every Saturday morning at 9am at Gosport BMX 
club I take a balance bike session.

‘I can have anything up to 20 kids come along, from beginners who have never been on a balance bike, to more experienced riders.

‘I call them more experienced but they are only four years old!

‘It’s a very rewarding experience.’