Jenkins vows to silence doubters

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Andy Jenkins has vowed to prove the doubters wrong after his World Championship first-round exit.

The Cosham darts star saw his hopes of a run in the biggest tournament on the planet dashed by Justin Pipe.

Jenkins offered no excuses for his poor display in the 3-0 loss.

But he has vowed to silence some of the internet critics who have suggested he should quit the game.

Jenkins said: ‘There are some people who have said I’m finished.

‘But I enjoy that. It motivates me.

‘I’ve seen some things written about me on the internet forums but the best way to answer them is to do well in a few tournaments.

‘I’m my own biggest critic and people can criticise me all they want.

‘But at least have the guts to do it to my face.

‘For some reason, I just couldn’t find it on the night. The more I tried, the harder it got.

‘You do have days like that but you shouldn’t on an important day like that.

‘I didn’t feel nervous. I actually felt more relaxed than I have at any time in the past 17 years.

‘Normally, I get tense but I was chilled out – maybe that was the problem.

‘But I suppose it was an achievement to get back to the World Championships.

‘I’d have taken that at the beginning of the year.

‘Now I’ve got to kick on next year.’

Jenkins – a semi-finalist in 2007 – slid down to a lowly 128 in the rankings at the start of the year after suspension and injury. But he has now fought his way back back to 65.

He said: ‘I could have gone up quite a few more places if I’d got through a couple of rounds.

‘I was so annoyed that I didn’t speak to anyone afterwards. I got straight in the car and came home.

‘I then watched five minutes of it on TV but I couldn’t face any more.

‘I’ll get my darts out again on December 27 for the Cosham Open.’