Bone Idle Gossip: Meet the Pompey Pauls and Davids

Paul Merson celebrates amking it into hte Pompey Pauls XI   Picture by Steve Reid
Paul Merson celebrates amking it into hte Pompey Pauls XI Picture by Steve Reid
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HOW did you spend last Friday evening, if that’s not too personal a question? (writes Steve Bone)

Out for a few beers, or a curry? In with the folks watching TV?

None of the above for me – I found myself on Twitter coming up with Pompey teams (with proper formations, plus subs) of players with the same first names. The saddest thing is, I can’t even remember why or how I got on to such a subject. Normally my random Pompey trivia has some sort of foundation, but not this time.

Actually, it may have been to do with the fact that I was mulling over Paul Robinson’s first game as a ‘permanent’ PFC player, for my first Pompey Name XI was one of Pauls. It ended up like this: Jones, Ritchie, Robinson, Went, Hardyman, Wimbleton, Merson, Hall, Mariner, Sugrue, Walsh.

The subs were Harries, Benson, Gilchrist, Connolly, Moran, Wood.

Then, naturally, I moved on to Davids. The XI? James, Waterman, Birmingham, Munks, Unsworth, Hillier, Norris, Crown, Cotterill, Gregory, Kemp. And the bench can come from: Beasant, Connolly, Dodson, Bamber, Kitson, Lee, Nugent, Pullar, Thomas, Thompson.

It strikes me that this is a subject that could sustain us (okay, me) until the end of this season, or perhaps into other seasons in the 
far-distant future.

I won’t show my whole hand in this first week of name-related fun, but let’s just say that with the help of other tweeters, including The News’ own Jordan Cross, we have already come up with a team and squad of Pompey stars with surnames of four or more syllables. Curiously, none of the teams produced so far have had an out-an-out right-back.

The four-syllables formation will be revealed next week. In the meantime, without delay, let me have your team of PFC players with four-letter surnames.

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