Cook to Wigan: Pompey fans have their say

With Pompey's hopes of keeping Paul Cook ebbing away, fans have had their say on the Wigan developments.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29th May 2017, 2:35 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:41 pm
Pompey manager Paul Cook
Pompey manager Paul Cook

They’ve been heading to our website,, to share their views on the current manager and potential future Blues bosses.

1. Pompey are right to not go breaking the bank to keep or buy any manager or player, we’ve been there before and we all know what happened.

If he does go to Wigan for more money, then thanks for all you’ve done, but no one person is bigger than the club. PUP.

Scott McGarveys Perm

2. We move on and must get a new manager in place as soon as possible.

Any alleged director of football can wait for now.

Plenty of chat around on possible managers but the application process will need to be sorted quickly.

My thoughts are with Tisdale, Rosler, Jackett, Cowley as higher league managers (Monk, Pardew) unlikely to drop down unless we offer a big package which we clearly don’t have the capacity for – that’s why Cook is off.


3. So it is pure greed then.

Pompey’s offer would not be derisory and would still give him a very good wage but he wants more.

Wigan may give him a better wage but they go through managers the way I go through Pringles.

Their crowds are pathetic and their ground is soulless.

He’s ruined his reputation here I’m afraid and probably most will now look back on the man with little affection.

North Sea Blue

4. What’s that expression? Oh yes... we go again! Tisdale for me.

Johnny P

5. If his heart isn’t at Fratton Park and he wants to manage a club half our size he clearly isn’t that ambitious!

If it had been a big Championship club coming for him OK, but Wigan, really!!!

Let him go, let’s try for Gary Monk or Paul Tisdale, or at the risk of upsetting a few here, Michael Appleton.

We need to move forward now, let’s end the speculation and get a manager in place during June, whether that be Cook or someone else.

Our future is bright, let’s get this done! PUP


6. Shuffle the pack a little, add two or three decent players and maybe Tisdale as manager then Pompey should be just fine for League One.

I’m sure Cookie knows when he visits FP next season he will get some stick after saying how much he loved being at PFC and how great the fans were...but.


7. Admittedly, I haven’t been PC’s biggest fan, but he got the job done so fair play to him in that respect.

If he goes to Wigan then good luck to him.

In my opinion, I’d like to see the Pompey board try to get Paul Tisdale as the new manager, what he achieved at Exeter on a shoestring was admirable, and he has the ability to field a good attacking team with a plan B and C. I always thought he was more on the ball tactically than PC.

Taunton blue